“Next to home and family, the witness of the catechist may be pivotal in every phase of the catechetical process. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, catechists powerfully influence those being catechized by their faithful proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the transparent example of their Christian lives. For catechesis to be effective, the catechist must be fully committed to Jesus Christ. They must firmly believe in his Gospel and its power to transform lives.” National Directory for Catechesis


We need YOU!!!

There are many ways you can help in the Ministry work of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.  Most especially, Little Flock is always seeking Catechists.  A Catechist is a volunteer who either Leads or Aides a Little Flock classroom.  We could also use substitiutes and continued prayers. 

You do not have to be a degree'd teacher but you do have to have a heart for children.  All lessons and curriculum outlines are provided for you.

Formation is ongoing and unique opportunities are provided for volunteers with Fr. Vasquez.

Commitment time would require knowing lessons (30 minute reading) and leading or aiding classes on Sunday mornings.  We schedule 12 classes in the Fall and Spring.

Please consider joining our Amazing team of Catechists. 

Thank you for your continued prayers.


Lastly, background checks and taking a CMSE course are required before entering a classroom.

Diocesan Schedule can be found here :

Important Volunteer Forms: